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Rated: 5.1 out of 10 with 10,423 votes.
A parapsychologist team are asked to investigate Apartment 143. The White family, who have lost their wife/mother in a car crash, have been experiencing strange things since they moved in to the apartment. But, they were also experiencing things at their old place. After the team set up their equipment, they get some compelling evidence on camera.
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5.1 Rated R Spain English IMDb Trailer
Main Actors:
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Fiona Glascott
Ellen Keegan
Actor Photo
Rick Gonzalez
Timo Cruz
Actor Photo
Kai Lennox
Alan White
Directed by:Carles Torrens
Release Date:
Added on:May 15, 2019 (5 days ago)
MPAARated R for language and some terror
Runtime80 min